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At GrID Lab, we’re on a mission to lead the way in renewable energy integration. Our focus is clear: educate the next generation of leaders committed to advancing sustainability goals through rigorous research. Find out how to join our vibrant team below.

Graduate students (PhD and MS)

Professor Kleissl appreciates students who demonstrate an understanding of his research and express a genuine interest in collaborating. Providing a statement of interest that highlights your motivation for working on our Lab’s research will enhance your application.
Additionally, securing your own funding, such as fellowships through organizations like NSF, NASA, DOE, or EPA, will virtually guarantee admission. For exceptional students, the UCSD Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Department offers financial support through fellowships.
To join our lab as a graduate student, you must apply through the MAE Department’s official website. Please check out the MAE-graduate-admissions-website for the latest information on required application material.

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